Effective October 1, 2020 1870 will be poetry only.  I repeat:  POETRY ONLY.


We are looking for words that may not be easily defined or clearly designed for a given home. People of the fringe, on the outside, in a place dark and damp and a little unnerving. We don’t want weak minded, tender heart bullshit; rather, we seek the ultimately real. Special consideration given to LGBTQIA themed or writer identified. Labels really don’t matter, ultimately.

No fee, no charge, no shirts, no shoes, no service

While there is no theme, 1870 Poetry will not back away from more mature, explicit material.  but to be clear – there is a huge difference between explicit as part of the story, theme, point, etc; and, between explicit just because you like the word cock or cunt just because it is for shock value.  Don’t bore me with incorrect word choice or not understanding explicit.

submissions accepted and posted on a rolling basis.



Poetry – Send 2-5 poems embedded or as an attachment, (.DOC or DOCX preferred). poems should be on a “single” attachment.) Odd or unusual formatting will be deleted without comment.  Please limit your lines to something less than 75.  And that is probably too long.  Send to




  1. rights revert after initial publications.
  2. there is no payment.
  3. no previously published works, unless queried first and exceptional.
  4. simultaneous subs are accepted. let us know asap if your work gets accepted elsewhere.
  5. send complete work.  work that is edited. poorly edited work will be deleted without comment.
  6. response time will be no more than 4 weeks, probably much less. if it is longer please email me.