a peek up the skirt


  jacklyn henry - editor-in-chief, dominatrix, 
provocateur, & sycophant

  bio: jacklyn (she/they), fka jack, is a genderqueer, 
pansexual, label-loving writer 
based in the high desert of Southern California. 
in recent times, jacklyn has come to realize 
that you don't necessarily need to look like you feel. 
one need not present an image of inner authenticity. 
in other words, the panties fit fine but the heels are a no go.

  jacklyn has been widely published 
in a wide variety of places for a wider variety of people. 
(remember it was only recently 
jacklyn accepted their identity, jack's work is still out there)

  some of those venues are:
    delicate friend
    pink disco
    SCAB magazine
    horror sleaze trash
    flying dodo
    mad swirl
    alice says go fuck yourself (a personal fav)
    bare back magazine
      and numerous others

  there are even some books

  LOS ANGELES (gutter snob press)
  DRIVING W/CRAZY (punk hostage press)
  CRUNKED (epic rites)