eros vaccine | ted tintwhistle

Eros Vaccine

(2nd Dose) Wet wheezes, Desire gasps More then moans. 80s porn films taught us that Muscles, cheeks, tans under Fringes, All flex -some flubb or flutter up, Huffs of breath: We pant. We thrust with lust and mischief. Man, Each salty to the other in his own discovering, Untongued. Cavities cup and gape But American tones to our groin grunts and groans Clinklink each other’s dive into thrall And do kisses peck, lip pucker then tear Loveslave? Murderer or bodyfucker? No No No spooning. When we fall asleep, Will we both of us wake? Will one devour the other? What will we wake to? Who? A bemused and awkward goodbye guy? Or should we wake at all? Let’s sleep and dream A lifelong love, Alongside a pool of Pornstar Blue and bobbing blow up dolphins! Morning shadows hide the rest! Who have we invited into our rented bed? Tall dark and gruesome, His meaty cock oozes bliss Leaving dollops on the floor The wiping of, a saucy chore. When the boy is gone Or a gory task best left to Forensics.... Who can tell? Dream on or wake up dead- I’ll be vaccinated now. I’ll skate on ice at midnight. I’ll fuck for fun.

Ted Tintwhistle (he/him) is a gay poet who lives far, far, out on the edge of Normal with his pet turkey and his contemptuous cat . She whispers to him in the dark. 

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