umbrella policy | lawrence miles

umbrella policy

I saw this documentary On the Weather Underground A group of whites Who decided to place bombs in Federal buildings They went off mostly When the buildings were unoccupied The only casualties were their own members When a bomb exploded in their headquarters This went on for several years Until fatigue set in Not only for themselves But for an entire nation By the end of the decade Tired of living on the run They surrendered to the FBI And received light prison terms in minimum security facilities They quickly re-entered society Many came teachers and professors One former member was a Jeopardy contestant Meanwhile The FBI sat on their hands when Malcolm was murdered Sat on their hands when Martin was murdered Made sure George Jackson was taken out Made sure Fred Hampton was taken out Made sure the Black Panthers was taken out Made sure Attica was fire-bombed Almost made sure Philadelphia was burned to ground When John Africa was taken out Made sure they did the bare minimum to bring George Floyd’s killers to justice Trayvon Martin’s killer to justice Breanna Taylor’s killers to justice And you can believe that J Edgar Slapped down envelopes of cash To anyone who helped eradicate any notion of a Black Messiah All part of their umbrella policy.

Lawrence Miles is a poet living in White Plains, NY.  He has
 recently been published in Poets Live Fourth Anthology, 2022 New
 Generation Beats Anthology and Four Feathers Press' Sounds of Southern
 California: Poetry of Music.
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