3 poems | luis cuauhtémoc berriozábal 

your meanderings

Your meanderings are those of a garden snail dreaming of being a greasy meal for a French man’s bloody palette and wine will accompany the meal. I’m partial to French toast. There’s French fries on my plate. Back to the snail thundering at less than handsome speed. It moves like an old man, age ninety-two. Oh, gentle friend, what do you know of love, violins, and violence? You lay there in the grass. You can’t make ground. You must avoid the human’s missteps. You cry out loud in your snail’s voice and your tone is so angelic. How calmly you sit on the spoon. You would rather be snacking on leaves. If there is any consolation, your flesh goes down so smooth in dreams. Feel the sunset on your body. Feel how it arouses your sensitivity. If there is anything more I can say, I appreciate your gentle nature. Your meanderings are not those of any man. # # #

live and love

There are things I will never understand as I live and love so many things about you. In reality there is no ourselves. I am alone. What we have is an occurrence. Never in the history of life was love ever infinite. It’s sad state of being, knowing I am alone. This is the life I live. This is the life I know. I will never call it wickedness because I love you. It is just not meant to be. There are things I will always remember I tried to forget. I will always remember the good times more than the bad times. When I am dead, everything will be forgotten. There will be life after me. There will be spring, summer, winter, and fall. I loved you in all. # # #

highest of heights

What of desire that reaches the highest of heights? Are you ever seeking? Are we not human? I never longed for something more. Let’s bring our flesh together. Rest your body next to mine. I dreamt of things I never wanted. I never had you by my side. If I could climb the highest of heights with you, I would not need anything more. Look at me as I look at you.
Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

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