two poems, by george anderson

the body bag

She’s an old friend
going back four decades.

I run into her about once
or twice a year.

She’s a lot like me
upfront, direct, demanding.

We both hate pretense,
crawlers, fuckwits.

She reckons her new boyfriend
is fit, ‘You should see him, Gidge,
he’s got a six-pack. He works hard.
Pity about his face.’

I chuckle & quip, ‘Do you resolve
the issue in your usual way?’,
alluding to her paper bag technique.

She nods smugly & says crowingly,
‘When we make love I imagine
I am doing with a man far younger
than myself.’

I hesitate for a moment
& think about how much
she now resembles her mother.

I can’t help myself.
‘What about the bloke,
does he ask you to wear
a body bag?’

the girl on the hill

We sit as a mob on the Hill
standing room only
a crucial match
Australia v West Indies.

We scoff meat pies
bolt down full-strength beer
& stand up & scream in unison
every boundary smashed.

A girl in a tank top passes
her arms outstretched
balancing three beers
in plastic cups.

There is a flurry of whistles
her breasts are HUGE
and bounce with each step-
she smiles at us without looking up
she probably reckons she is hot.

During the long hot afternoon session
the girl jiggles by several more times
& each go she is greeted with cat calls
of increasing intensity
of increasing madness.

Viv Richards hammers another delivery
for a six over the side screen

yet for the most part
I am not really following the game now.

I am more interested in watching the crowd
as it descends into
a shrill, ape-like stupidity.

About six hours into the match
the girl jiggles by us again-
this time she turns & smiles
waving innocently at us.

I do not really know who started it
but a paper cup is tossed in her vicinity
then another
then- a full can of beer.


people around me
scramble to grab
anything in their vicinity
at their feet-
half eaten fruit
garbage bags

and then toss them in a wild hysteria at the chick.

She is startled and begins to cry.

As she trots to the nearest exit
the bloke beside me
vomits into a plastic beer cup
(no shit) & chucks it sidearm
with all his might-

over three rows of spectators
into her general direction.

I can’t recall who eventually won
the match.

I mean, who really wants to sit on the hill
to watch the cricket

when there is so much other interesting shit

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