glory road, by daniel j. flore III

on glory road the cops are after you
and you gotta get somewhere
you got something sweet
maybe she’s in your underpants
maybe she’s waiting by the trash feeling like it
glory road can you make it through 7-11 by buying a pack of smokes
without them thinking you might have a gun
or that they do
Ron’ll take you as far as Starbucks
but can you sit there without feeling like a freak
you’ll beg at the gas station for something you’re going to have to pay more for later
glory road the hospitals are prisons
they’ll strip you nude
and put a smock on you that’s falling off
so if you try to run out you’ll look crazy
and then they’ll have proved their point
the cat is in the car
every second matters
glory road
smoke and alcohol
and doritos and energy drinks
a mint for breathing in line
a dime to remember when you could make a phone call with it
and that if you focus on it long enough FDR will talk back to you
a slushy to remember your childhood
a destination you may never get to
glory road
a road you’re trying to get onto
before you watch it go
and if you do the somewhere is all you need
where it’s clean because your apt. is a mess
she’ll give you a cross at the light
and that’s enough to get you past the intersection
glory road, where it all comes at you
till you just can’t go any farther
glory road, your only place left before heaven
glory road, you may just have to turn around and go home
glory road, you may just make it there

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