sway, by mike zone

Sway with me
in the mango grove
of an ever-lasting soul journey
away from central aired nightmares
voodoo placation germ warfare of the mind
the atmosphere is thick
with cosmic vibrations
sway with me
up north
into interplanetary kaleidoscopic visons
removing filth eyed stained smudges
from constellations
as stars rain down the atoms of our beings
ebbing and flowing
through the simulation of time
sway with me
let me taste the tears of your past
licking the sweat off your body
future tense
it’s present now
there’s no past nor future
sway with me
my lovely
let’s burn out together
commodified husks
mechanically breathing momentary lives
snuffing out hardened angles
reignite as star struck creatures
and HARK!
the angels shall sing
how that’s just the celestial matter of it all
demons bursting into bright blue flame
desolation rebirth hatred- redacted

green mango fruits hanging on tree
Photo by Ashan Rai on Pexels.com

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