pure Los Angeles, by jck hnry

pure Los Angeles

he replaced all the
traditional colors
hot pink & purple
& bright orange,
a similar color
to his go-go shorts
worn on Saturday
nights at the
boys club downtown.

pictures of horses
& alligators & hyenas
lined the wall of his
studio, & movie
stars & rock n rollers
paid insane money
to part of the scene.

pure Los Angeles.

transgender wild women
in pasties & leather panties
offered kool-aid & lollipops
laced w/gbh or molly
or something.
who can remember
all the details?

C-listers and drug dealers
play ‘what’s in it for me’
in the backroom.
cocksuckers serve
straight hipsters
in women’s room
toilet stalls.
we all want to be
something, don’t we?

months go by
people more on.
spray paint tee-shirts
& bondage licorice
are all the rage.
honey, we’ve moved
down the street, come
join us? won’t you?
but he keeps painting,
fluorescent paint by numbers.
he never really
cared in the first place.

pure Los Angeles.

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