gendering, by marc olmsted

beautiful transgirl
kept hitting on me
in the outdoor
in West Hollywood
“Boys Town”
but she was overmedicated
and kept burping between slurs and
was finally asked to leave
“for touching people”
soaring on some speedball
which made her
go across the street
and “work out”
in the park swinging from the rings
in vague athletics which enticed
the tattoo’d shirtless man
of mysterious sexual preference
John heard in his sex addiction
Twelve-Step group
the straights liked the transgirls &
if those girls still had cocks the straights
always went down
I remembered back in pre-AIDS fearlessness
when I sucked cock sometimes
it was like watching
straight porn
of course on acid you could jack off
& think someone was really with you –
real as it gets – though once later
sat alone in Gretchen’s robe smelling her
on the fabric and drinking vodka screwdrivers
coming down from the LSD
belly hanging out pecs flabby dug-like
I was the seen-it-all
German madam in the whorehouse
of my own Fassbinder movie
– it was o.k.

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