featuring the featureless, by brenda mullins

Come one come all! Featuring the featureless! The exact individuals that you seek to avoid, yet you can’t help but come back!
A whole tale, an act if you will.
There in the center ring, staring the friendless, the ill behaved, the overrated rats that stomp around like the tiny beasts that they are.
In the first act ladies and gentlemen a known ploy, ooooooo.
Upon knowing the outcome the rats will entice you, ahhh.
They will enchant you with a specific account entitled: The Impossibility of Refusal!
The tones of the voices sound their melodic message.
The instructions are simple you see?
Listen to the utterances. That is all.
The ring to the sound leaves you begging for more.
You will whisper in that foolhardy heart of your; undeniable.

Relinquish the power to that same melody. Easing you, acclimating you into the faux background of a stage that is a farce for a type of how do you say? Control.
Words and words are spoken.
None for the gain and none gain in meaning.
Sway to the laughter. You will find it deliciously appalling and appealing. The perfect conundrum.

A thud and a crack sound off. there is more boom to the thud.
Act two has begun.
Grimaces, winces, and disgusted looks the crowd does bare. Yet no one turns away.
The cleanliness of the action is in question.
The dirt and the grime is showing from under their talons or fingernails, whichever your mind allows you to see.
It is a mockery, a fool’s errand.
The jester will now come out to play. He smiles and dances his tricky little dance before you.

The final sequence has arrived.
Oh the designs they thread with their filthy paws and foul twitching.
An absolute inspiration for a clan divorcing.

What did you enjoy about the actors? What about the players?
What did you enjoy about the show?
Your stomach is empty, your mind is numb.
No long term solutions. Chatter is just that, chatter.
Now all that remains is the vanishing of your awakening.
Come one come all! Yet another time we invite you. Return to the showing! Featuring the Featureless.

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