2 poems, by tanya rakh

lean back

lean back, pretty, and let your hair defy gravity
lean back, star child, and open your legs to the cosmic tongues

(if it hurts, bite down on chamomile)

never separate the berry from the vine
learn from the animals
the big-eyed deer and the locust
walk slowly, tiptoe
until the blood turns green again.

warm your face under crackling LEDs
no battery can hold you now

lean back, and let stone be your scepter
dive in, and find the shore.

split your lips under the wrecking ball sun
lean back, dollface, it’s never over.


Anyway . . . (any
way. all ways. show
me how to do it)

Always (bone and fire
and sky and—)

Fuck. (under starlit
days dried into
hope and vapor)

Fuck it. (all falls down
as ashes. better
luck next—)

Tomorrow (all dust and
cyclone steady as
it disappears)

lol (two-headed jesters
flicker weary tongues)

So . . . (show me how
to do it. slowly
this time.)

Okay. (fuck you. any

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