3 poems, by anne mikusinski


In the balcony
I sit
As below
Grounded but in full flight
You soar
Carried by passion’s currents
And unchecked inhibition
You meet me where I am
And usher inspiration in.

Third Interlude

Your voice fills up this space
Like smoke
Seeping into corners
And entering each room
With or without invitation
Changing everything it touches.

I think of suitable accompaniment
And conjure subtle strings
Or the occasional
Interjecting keyboard
As acceptable companionship
For murmured words.

Three AM

The rain whispers
Playing counterpart to sounds
Soft tapping of keys
Give birth to ideas
Baby-stepping their way
Across blank pages.
From another room
Brushed drumbeats and low strings
Spread light upon a scene of
Quiet work
And little sleep

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