presentment, by carl scharwath


Thinking is a narcotic
A time lapse fabricated
Screening out the real world
Of an internal crusade.


Gracefully broken
But beautifully existing
In a verse of muteness
Searching for completion.


I am one minute
Away from myself
To rid thought-possessions
And find my treasures.

Carl Scharwath, has appeared globally with 150+ journals selecting his poetry, short stories, interviews, essays, plays or art photography (His photography was featured on the cover of 6 literary journals.) Two poetry books ‘Journey To Become Forgotten’ (Kind of a Hurricane Press).and ‘Abandoned’ (ScarsTv) have been published. His first photography book was recently published by Praxis. Carl is the art editor for Minute Magazine, a competitive runner and 2nd degree black- belt in Taekwondo. He was recently nominated as a Running Ambassador for US Road Running.

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