daydreaming, by alan parry

i was sitting at a table
drinking water – contemplating
the melamine surface,
strewn with papers of notes,
seemed to understand
more of what
the woman said than i…

a bearded man interrupted
her tumble of words to tell her
he’s a good man

i’d never met him before

outside i heard rain
on the loose, pitted
& i thought about small
pools forming in the
depressions –

Alan Parry is a poet, playwright and poetry editor from Merseyside, England. He is an English Literature graduate and English teacher. Alan enjoys gritty realism, open ends, miniature schnauzers and 60s girl groups. He has previously had work published by Dream Noir, Streetcake Magazine Black Bough Poems and others. He cites Alan Bennett, Jack Kerouac and James Joyce as inspiration.

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