after lunch at a sex shop in long beach, by jck hnry

after lunch on a tuesday
i walk into a sex shop
on 7th street in long beach
california, walk w/purpose
& determination to the
front counter, past lingerie
& jock straps, past DVDs
& dildo’s, past ball gags
& anal beads, past harnesses
& assless chaps, past strap-ons
& cock pumps.

a young woman no older
than 22, pink & green hair, multiple
tattoos, pierced lip & eyebrow,
looks up at me as she
straightens a selection
of colorful vibrators in
a well lit display case.

‘can i help you?’

her smile pleasant,
voice soft; her breasts
free of entrapment, generally
visible behind a strategically
torn Dead Kennedy’s tee-shirt.

‘lube & poppers, please.’

‘any preference?’

‘not really.’



‘lube for anal? i’m assuming what with the poppers, & all.’

‘oh, yes.’

i make a purchase in cash,
turn to leave.
the clerk calls to me.

‘don’t forget your punch card. spend 50 bucks and you get a 5 dollar coupon.’

i smile,
claim my card
& my coupon
& try to decide what excites me more.



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