(c)shannon elizabeth gardner

1870 is a sex positive on-line writing journal. straight, lgbtqia+; doesn’t matter. we are sex positive.

too many poetry journals shun or shy away from hardcore, explicit poetry/writing that utilizes sex and sexuality as a convention of conveying a message. life is hardcore and explicit.

we are not talking exclusively about pornographic language, although that could be acceptable; we are talking about openness to anything.

so bring it. we will no shun or shy away from explicit language or image, as long as it is appropriate. life is raw and savage and uninhibited, so should your writing.

please read submission guidelines BEFORE submitting. on makes sense, right?

guidelines 1870 are here!

there are so many poetry blogs in the world. maybe too many. but everyone is a poet and poet’s deserve outlets. or not. i have been writing for 40 years, publishing for 13 and have had some success. while i am sincerely grateful for that i have yet to find an outlet for truly on-the-fringe writing from a largely LGBTQIA+ perspective. a hardcore, rip the flesh open, no limits, no judgement on subject matter, except for the real bad and ugly.  (you know what i mean.)

it could be anything. love, lust, life, hate, challenge, sorrow, madness, fucking, and whatnot.

here at eighteen-seventy magazine we want words that excite, stimulate, cause sudden erections, make us wet, get our nips hard, make us think, and drool, and absolutely beg for more.

eighteen-seventy magazine wants words that are not for the feint of heart or the everyday. it is about freedom. true freedom to write anything and everything. we trample about in the fringe because we find comfort there. we enjoy the gray, the unexplored, the loud, the insane, the explicit. we want to hear from everybody but give a little more attention to LGBTQIA+.

jck hnry is editor-in-charge and eagerly awaits any submissions. most give up in the beginning because it is hard to get the word out. go to the submissions page, now.